txacme changelog

Txacme 0.9.1 (2016-12-08)


  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: AcmeIssuingService now takes a client creator, rather than a client, and invokes it for every issuing attempt. (#21)
  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The *_DIRECTORY constants are now in txacme.urls. (#28)
  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: IResponder.start_responding and IResponder.stop_responding now take the server_name and challenge object in addition to the challenge response object. (#60)
  • AcmeIssuingService now logs info messages about what it is doing. (#38)
  • txacme.challenges.LibcloudDNSResponder implements a dns-01 challenge responder using libcloud. Installing txacme[libcloud] is necessary to pull in the dependencies for this. (#59)
  • txacme.challenges.HTTP01Responder, an http-01 challenge responder that can be embedded into an existing twisted.web application. (#65)
  • txacme.endpoint.load_or_create_client_key gets a client key from the certs directory, using the same logic as the endpoints. (#71)
  • AcmeIssuingService now accepts an email parameter which it adds to the ACME registration. In addition, existing registrations are updated with this email address. (#72)
  • AcmeIssuingService now has a public issue_cert method for safely issuing a new cert on demand. (#76)


  • txacme.client.JWSClient now automatically retries a POST request that fails with a badNonce error. (#66)
  • txacme.store.DirectoryStore now handles bytes mode paths correctly. (#68)
  • The txacme endpoint plugin now lazily imports the rest of the code, avoiding ReactorAlreadyInstalled errors in various cases. (#79)

Improved Documentation

  • The contents of the certificates directory, and compatibility with txsni, is now documented. (#35)


  • #67

Txacme 0.9.0 (2016-04-10)


  • Initial release! (#23)